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Tom's CV

is an overview of my enitre professional life - not suitable for sending out, in most cases. 

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Strategic Planning and Development • Business Analysis • International Market Research
Internet Communications • Web Development • Technical Support • Nonprofit Planning

Experienced technology and management professional with over 20 years of developing and implementing complex business solutions based on analysis of financial, marketing and operational data.

  • Skilled Problem Solver with the business and technical skill set to develop and implement complex business solutions based on close consultation with stakeholders and interpretation of financial, marketing and operational data.
  • Experienced Analyst adept at developing data and information from a range of sources, evaluating the research for trends, and presenting the findings to address business opportunities.
  • Strategic Thinker and Communicator who led the planning efforts for variety of successful businesses, including a profitable Internet startup and an established Japanese business during a merger.
  • Accomplished Business Communicator with a long history of clear, concise presentation of analysis and business results ranging from annual management reports for a Fortune 500 company to business plans for an Internet start-up and market research reports as part of a major consulting company.
  • Veteran Team Leader with a history of managing direct reports, community organizations and web development teams to deliver solutions on time and within budget.
  • Technical Operations Specialist with a background of planning for infrastructure needs needs for a range of businesses, from an established subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company to an internet startup serving individual and small business.
  • Experienced Web Developer with a history of creating online solutions for organizations applying appropriate tools for the business requirements.
May 1995-Present

An Internet business, founded with two partners, which reached profitability in the first year by providing independent communications services to over a thousand small businesses and individuals.

  • Business Analysis for Internet Product Development
    • After reviewing the state of the Internet email environment in the mid-1990s, I developed a plan, along with two partners, which led to the Installation of the first email/web portal which provided thousands of users with independent Internet identities and contributed $30,000 direct sales and led to tens of thousands of dollars of add-on sales in the first three months.
    • After evaluating the cost of expanding NetBox services with the need for flexible services plans, we established a strategy to adapt new technologies, virtual hosting environment for private cloud systems and public cloud systems from third parties. The result was savings over $50,000 in hardware costs, $20,000 annually in operating costs, and providing the resources for expanded services
  • Project Planning and Implementation for Client Internet Applications
    • Led the technical team which combined the efforts of a leading domain marketing company, country-level domain name manager, and developers to create an ecommerce site which registered over 300 music related domain sites in the three months.
    • Managed the technical development of an online lease system for a major Japanese leasing company combining the efforts of NetBox, client management, other consultants, and hardware distributors to provide one of the first complete leasing options for the internet.
    • Planned and led a team which created a database driven, web-based ordering and operations application, saving the client over $100,000 annually through production control, streamlined customer ordering, and inventory management.
    • Created a process to enable a major lighting system manufacturer to provide information to contractors from a secure, in-house database to a public web server allowing their customers to plan and monitor their orders.
  • Internet Infrastructure Planning and Implementation
    • Based on a start-up business model, I lead the installation of a small server farm based on open source Unix OS (FreeBSD) to provide email/web portal services to thousands of users with independent Internet identities and contributed tens of thousands of dollars in direct sales and add-on services in the first three months.
    • As NetBox grew, I implemented a strategy which adapted new technologies, based on virtual hosting environments on NetBox hardware, which provided flexibility and cost efficiencies for expanded services and growing client base. The result was savings over $50,000 in hardware costs, tens of thousands of dollars annually in operating costs, and providing the resources for expanded services.
    • Taking advantage of new virtual hosting offerings which provide computing capacity on reliable platforms, I carried out a migration to distribute services on public cloud services for improved reliability and easy provisioning.
January 1989 – May 1995

The Japanese subsidiary of a US Fortune 500 Corporation focused on providing a full range of computer data storage media – from microfilm to hard drive components.

  • Strategic Planning and Change Management
    • With the acquisition of the parent company, I developed the successful Japanese strategy for the integration of Anacomp and Xidex s product lines and business relationships in Japan, growing annual sales to $40 million.
    • Played a key roll in the development of the business strategy for the Anacomp Asia/Pacific territory by coordinating the collection of critical information, preparation of operation reports and forecasts, and presentations to senior management.
    • Promoted to Managing Director of the Japanese subsidiary with full P&L responsibility in recognition of the successful transition to the new company and success in meeting and exceeding goals.
  • Coordinated Multinational Sales and Operations Processes for Increased Sales and Profits
    • Directed the Japanese sales force in achieving $30 million/year in sales of hard drive components to IBM Japan, which awarded our efforts as a “best vendor” two years in a row.
    • Drove factories in the US and UK to produce Japanese quality products which saved at least $150,000 per year in costs and increased market share to over 60% in Japanese duplicate microfilm and magnetic tape markets.
    • Acted as liaison to Japanese sources of materials for new product development by Anacomp. Negotiated for samples and coordinated communications and meetings for the product development departments at the parent company's factories.
May 1986 – December 1988

Japanese subsidiary of a leading supplier of information storage media, including floppy disks, computer output microfilm and hard drive media.

  • Established Business Practices to Enhance Japanese Sales Efforts
    • Recruited to restore leadership to the business, manufacturing, and sales operations after a management crisis for a Japanese subsidiary of a major US technology company.
    • Drove factories in the US and UK to produce Japanese quality products which saved at least $150,000 per year in costs and increased market share to over 60% in Japanese duplicate microfilm and magnetic tape markets.
    • Directed support efforts to improve responsiveness to legacy product complaints with major customers to restore long-term relationships which had deteriorated due to lack of factory response.
  • Increased Efficiency through Computerizing Operations
    • Designed, implemented and maintained a bilingual network enabling sales and operations staff to share stocking, ordering and sales information while improving the reporting system for total subsidiary operations for use by management to control costs and expand sales.
    • Saved over $500,000 annually by designing and implementing a database driven system for sales, inventory control, and material ordering.
January 1977 – May 1985

An independent, nonprofit research institute conducting client-sponsored research and development for government agencies, commercial businesses, foundations, and other organizations.

  • Market Analysis and Reporting on the Energy and Petrochemical Industries
    • Primary research for Indian chemical firm assessing markets for polymer raw material in South and Southeast Asian markets.
    • Detailed survey and analysis of the natural gas market in Australia for a major Japanese energy company.
    • Researched and wrote multi-client reports on energy and petrochemical markets for the Chemical Economics Handbook and Processes Economic Program.
July 2010 – December 2010

Provided overview of mobile internet and digital wireless technology markets for a major US test and measurement company.

  • Developed a description for the market ecosystem identifying key companies, technologies and products driving the business sectors.
  • Aggregated available forecasts with analysis of the veracity and limitations of the outlook provided.
  • Identified opportunities for the expansion of the client's products with hardware manufacturers within the business sector but outside the client's existing network.
December 2009 – May 2010

Internet support and development for a small business marketing a personal and telematics device with real time vehicle performance monitoring and high speed wireless Internet access.

  • Created an ecommerce site for sales of GPS and associated SIM chips.
  • Established routing for data transmitted from GPS system to monitoring service provider via cloud-based linux hosts
  • Developed a multi-vendor registration system for customers which enabled activation for both GPS local traffic information and monitoring of automobile service status.
January 2006 – Present

A community-based nonprofit corporation with the mission to restore Berkeley Iceland, an historic ice skating center.

  • Business Planning for Fundraising and Project Funding
    • Led the development of the business plan for a restored Berkeley Iceland which was the basis for presentations to potential donors.
    • Coordinated the actions of architects and engineers to develop initial plans for renovation of the proposed Berkeley Iceland Recreation Center.
    • Developed the fundraising strategy as part of a team which resulted in donations and pledges of over $200,000 in two years.
  • Internet Development for Project Promotion and Supporter Tracking
    • Established an online community portal for the project using open source Drupal framework to create an online community for Save Berkeley Iceland.
    • Expanded internet activities to social media sites including Facebook and Twitter to create broader awareness of the Save Berkeley Iceland mission.

Masters of Business Administration, International Business/Marketing
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering,Earth, Ocean and Air Sciences
University of California, Berkeley, CA

  • Over 15 years experience in use of Open Source tools to solve Internet problems including LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP [or perl]) for web applications and service support.
  • Adept in HTML, perl, PHP, Drupal CMS, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Proficient in Excel, PowerPoint and OpenOffice.
  • Experienced in systems administration and support for Unix/Linux based systems.